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Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG) provides design and consulting services in the fields of architecture, acoustics, control technology, electro acoustics, and advanced audio-visual systems integration.

Services: Recording/Mixing, Mastering, Producers/Engineers, Audio Post, Original Music & Licensing, Acoustic Design and Consulting WSDG has collaborated with many of the world’s leading architectural firms to provide innovative solutions and procedures towards creating excellence in acoustic and electro-acoustic design and installation. We pride ourselves in participating in the collaborative design process. Acoustic Testing and Measurement WSDG engineers use the most advanced acoustic prediction and analysis software. This provides accurate acoustical data collection and predictive acoustical modeling. Our reports are accurate and along with pre-construction environment auralization, allow our clients and design partners to listen to environments before they are constructed. Internal Room Acoustics and Surface Treatments Critical listening spaces, including studios, theaters, conference rooms, home listening rooms and all speech intelligibility sensitive spaces will all benefit from accurate acoustic design. Often the use of variable acoustic treatments is our preferred design approach. By providing design options for surface treatments using absorption, reflection and diffusion, we can accurately enhance the listening properties of these environments. HVAC Noise Control Design / Vibration Control WSDG establishes noise criteria specifications for all spaces in our designs, while preparing creative design solutions for adherence to these goals. Careful attention is given to HVAC design, building structural systems, and room boundary design. When required, real world listening simulations allow careful value engineering before final design documentation. Sound Isolation Critical to virtually all successful acoustic designs is the thorough analysis of external noise, vibration sources (traffic, trains, aircraft, etc.) and environment (i.e. HVAC distribution systems). WSDG provides acoustical measurement, analysis and design services to assure optimal acoustical isolation of existing or new construction, always with an eye towards economy of design and awareness of applicable building techniques for each project. Commercial and Performance Audio/Visual Systems Design and Integration WSDG provides technology integration design services for the commercial and performance design communities. Specific services include distributed audio-video, building automation (lighting, HVAC, fenestration control, etc.), telephony & communications, and information technology. All work is always performed with an eye towards state of the art technology future proofing and creative integration with each projects’ architectural goals. Residential Audio-Video / Home Theater Design Advanced Residential audio-video design and whole house systems control are no longer ideas of the future. In almost all residences, these systems have now become integral to the home environment. WSDG creates creative multi-room and home theater design solutions that are easy to manage, economical, acoustically accurate and most importantly, integrated into the architectural design of the residence. ?
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